Handmade Mexican Glassware made to our specifications especially for Restaurants, Bars and Hotels

Restaurant grade Mexican glassware

Handmade Mexican glass barware, ceramic tableware, banquet & buffet items,
wine buckets & stands, platters, trays, serving bowls and more. • Optic Textured Glass

Original Table Designs From Orion Design

Water Bottles, Pitchers & Carafes

Water Bottles, Pitchers & Carafes
Great containers for tropical drinks, wine, juice ice tea and more. Pick from many colors and designs.

Margarita Martini

Margarita Martini
Check out the new SPLASH margaritas! See the complete line of Classic Mexican Margarita/Martini glasses




New Lilly Glasses
Great presentations for your restaurant, bar or hotel. Wine Stands, Condiment Caddies, Drink Caddies, Cruets and more are hand forged for Orion in our Mexican studios.

Mexican Cantina beer glassesBeer For All!
Beer tastes better in a good beer glass. Select from larger and traditional glasses in a variety of styles and colors.